ALARA Card for Luxel

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ALARA Card for Luxel




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Radiation Alarm Alara Card for Luxel.

Easy integration.

All in one.



  • Radiation detected: X rays and gamma.
  • Energy: 60 Kev-1,2 Mev.
  • Alarm signals
  • (Average values relative to Cs-137) (red led light and buzzer)
  • Silence = dose rate below 10uSv/h
  • 1 beep/min =10 uSv/h
  • 2 beep/min=20uSv/h
  • 3 beep/min=30uSv/h
  • 20 beep/min=200uSv/h
  • Continuous alarm  > 200uSv/h
  • Batteries (2x357): Six month life in absence of radiation.
  • Operating temperature:  -10ºC  to 40ºC (14ºF  to 105ºF).
  • Continuous operation. There is no on-off switch.
  • Batteries almost-depleted signal emitted every hour (during a 48-hour period)
  • Dimensions:  62x79x13 mm (without hanger)