Radkeeper Personal

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Radkeeper Personal




The RKP is a personal radiation alarm that warns the user of dose rates exceeding 10uSv/h (1mR/h).

The RKP is the necessary complement to passive dosimetry, such as TLD and film dosimetry.

Radiation alarm with detection of X-rays and Gamma .

Individually tested.


Benefits for the user:

Constant and unconscious application by the user of ALARA principle

Automatic improvement of working procedures in a natural way

Minimization of user’s accumulated dose (time, distance and shielding)

Avoidance of unnoticed exceptional doses

Radiation detected: X rays and gamma.

Energy: 60 Kev-1,2 Mev.

Alarm signals

(Average values relative to Cs-137) (red led light and buzzer)

* Silence = dose rate below 10uSv/h

* 1 beep/min =10 uSv/h

* 2 beep/min=20uSv/h

* 3 beep/min=30uSv/h

* 20 beep/min=200uSv/h

* Continuous alarm  > 200uSv/h

* Battery life: More than 6 months continuous operation in absence of radiation.

* Operating temperature:  -10ºC  to 40ºC (14ºF  to 105ºF).

* Continuous operation. There is no on-off switch.

* Battery-test button

* Batteries almost-depleted signal emitted every hour (during a 48-hour period)

* Detector signal analyzed by microprocessor. (Before emitting the first radiation beep, the RKP emits two short    beeps warning the user the detector is receiving an external signal)

* Dimensions: 55x47x14 mm (without clip)

*  Weight: 32 grams.

There are available specific dosemeter holders that allow to integrate the alarm in a unique support with the dosemeters type Landauer, Panasonic, Harshaw and CND. The rest of the dosemeters of the market can be integrated using the provided universal hanger.


Panasonic type

Holder for Panasonic dosemeter.

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20.00 €

Landauer type

Holder for Landauer dosemeter.

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15.00 €

Harshaw type

Holder for Harshaw dosemeter.

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15.00 €

CND type

Holder CND dosemeter.

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20.00 €